My Universe, by John H. Letcher

My Universe, an Introduction

Although my contributions to physics are primarily in the field of molecular quantum mechanics and the definition and calculation of molecular electronic quantum-mechanical wave-functions, I also came to deal with the issue of what is the nature of the entire universe, and of what the universe comprises.

The ideas that I developed in the area of particle physics were never published; so, I will describe some of these ideas at this time.

Click here: The Five Moiety Model of the Universe

Also, as a separate issue, I will describe the work that I did years ago in molecular quantum mechanics.

Click here: Molecular Electronic Wave Functions

In these documents, it is not my intent to try to teach the reader a lot of higher mathematics and any more than simple physics. It is my intention to present material so that it can be read and understood by individuals with only slight mathematical backgrounds. But, in this document, I want the reader to begin to understand how I, personally, view the inner nature of all the building blocks of which the Universe comprises, and how modern chemistry works.

I found out long ago that my views are quite different from the opinions held by others. But, I feel that my way of viewing the Universe is correct enough, simple enough, and straightforward enough to be taught in secondary schools. This could become a significant advantage to students.

So, in this document, I would like to describe the way I look at of what the Universe comprises. I will call this, My Universe, to distinguish my ideas from what is believed by others.